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Employer Sponsored Plans

Employer Sponsored Plans

Your employees are among your most valuable business assets. Whether through non-qualified, SEP, deferred compensation, 401k, or profit-sharing plans, offering an attractive benefits package is an ideal way to attract key talents and build employee loyalty. At Transparent Wealth Consulting LLC, our mission is simple: to provide you with a long-range menu of services that enhances your firm from the inside out. We accomplish this by connecting and educating your company with solutions that reward and retain your key employees while enriching the foundational ethos of your firm.

A successful benefit plan incorporates many aspects including, but not limited to, proper plan design, effective communication, execution, systematic reviews, and consistent benchmarking of institutional products and providers to ensure best-in-class performance and cost. Small business owners and self-employed individuals have the advantage of deciding which retirement plan they use or are restricted to certain investment options within their plan. Often times they are overpaying for the wrong type of plan. We work with business owners to lower costs and keep more of their funds working for their and their employees retirement goals.

Business Continuation

We understand what it takes to establish, nurture, and protect a successful business. By taking a comprehensive approach to planning, we can help you focus on what you care about most: your core business.

Whether your firm’s transition is fast approaching or a few years away, we can help you prepare for a liquidity event with confidence. From selecting the right advisors and initiating forward-thinking tax plans to aligning your key team members and more, we will ensure the ultimate transition is as seamless as possible. Like a private thinktank, we serve as an objective resource to help your business select and develop strategies that maximize your firm’s potential and longevity.

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